Monday, April 6, 2009

Land Between the Lakes 12-Hour Adventure Race 2009

Raced in Land Between the Lakes Adventure Race this weekend. Put on by Bonk Hard Racing, it was held at the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area near Golden Pond, KY.

The weather was perfect, clear with temperatures in the 70s. The area was hit hard by ice storms over the winter which left a significant amount of debris on the forest floor. The USDA Forest Service did a great job clearing most of the roads and trails, but bushwacking through the mangled branch systems was slow and challenging.

I ran in the 4-person coed division for the 12-hour race with the team Epic Machinery. We hit a snag early in the race when I made a navigation error on the way to checkpoint 2, costing us at least 20 minutes and quickly dropping us to the back of the pack. The rest of the day however we hit each of the remaining controls with little issue and picked up position.

We finished strong, getting all 23 checkpoints in under 12 hours. The unofficial results put is in 8th out of 37 teams overall, 6th in our division.

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