Monday, April 27, 2009

Steamboat Classic Triathlon (plus 216 miles)

Biked down to Cape Girardeau, MO again this year to run in the Steamboat Classic Triathlon. Departed from Columbia, IL on Saturday morning about 9am, crossing the Mississippi at Chester and then on to Cape. We had a brutal headwind the entire ~108 miles down there - averaging only about 14mph for the day.

Raced in the triathlon at 9am on Sunday. I ran a fairly conservatively considering that the 108 mile ride back to Columbia was going to start soon after I crossed the finish line. The unofficial results put me at 24th overall, which was better than last year when I took 35th.

Since we suffered such a terrible headwind on the way down, I was hoping we would get the benefits of a tailwind on the way back - although I wasn't counting on it. However, we lucked out and managed to keep a 19.5mph pace all the way back.

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