Monday, February 8, 2010

Hennepin Canal Parkway Trail

Spent the weekend camping and riding on the Hennepin Canal Trail over in Sheffield, IL. The flat 104.5 mile trail parallels the Hennepin Canal through north central Illinois. We had a clear sky and nice temps in the upper 20s. Snow and ice covered most of the trail, but it was easy to maneuver barring a couple unexpected slick spots.

Didn't arrive at the campsite on the first night until about 1:30am. Hit the trail at about 8am on Saturday and got an easy-paced 70 miles in. One spare tube and two flats left me walking the last 20 miles though. With a loaded bike I only managed to keep going at ~3 mph. It made for a long, lonely 6.5 hour push. I figured it was good training - though mind-numbingly boring. I did however manage to memorize my ABCs backwards among other things. Eventually arrived at camp about 1am... and slept like a rock.

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