Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The 250 MFer (mostly flat)

On Saturday I completed The MFer, a one-day, self-supported, 250 mile bike ride through southwest IL. Starting at 5:30am, we rode from Columbia, IL down the levee road and Route 3 to East Cape Girardeau, IL - and back.

We had great weather for most of the day, until about 9pm when we encountered severe lightening and thunderstorms. We all agreed it was probably not a good idea to be the sitting atop the tallest metal object in a cornfield, so we ducked into the bar in Prarie du Rocher and waited for the storm to pass. We finished the final 40 miles arriving back in Columbia around midnight. It was tough, but fun. Looking forward to doing it again next year... or maybe the "Son of MFer" this winter. :-)

More pictures from the MFer on my flickr account.

Colin Peeler, Aaron Fanetti and Dennis Regelsperger during the 2009 MFer.
The three finishers, Colin, me and Dennis, at the half way point (125 miles).

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