Sunday, August 31, 2008

Pack Raft Test Run

Part of our upcoming adventure race involves pack rafting, so on Saturday we headed over to Horseshoe Lake to give them a test run.

We each purchased the Sevylor one-person trail boat. It has a unique bag that doubles as a pump. The bag pump works, but it's a little cumbersome. It also comes with two small paddles, one for each hand - or that can be joined together to form a kayak paddle.

The only problem I had with it during our short test run was the position of the floor valve, which sat directly under my left calve. We were only on the water for 30 minutes or so and it was starting to become a little irritating. Of course, you could shift your leg around, but this was the natural position in which my leg rested, so I could see this being a problem on a longer trip.

The site has a good review of the Sevylor Trail Boat and talks about some of the additional issues they found.

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